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About Us

Verite Group is a boutique client-based project management consultancy, established after identifying the need for a consultant who solely had the client's interests at heart. We work in conjunction with you to engage the most suitable consultants and contractors to ensure your project runs seamlessly from start to finish. This allows you to be as involved in the process as you would like and ensures you have one point of contact throughout.

Verite is derived from the word French word 'Verité' which translates to 'truth'. Verite Group strives on living up to its name by providing true advice, to create the truest of projects.

Director - Joshua Ohlmus

Joshua is the Director of Verite Group, and personally oversees each individual project. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science: Construction Management and a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building), both completed at RMIT University. He also holds a current domestic building license (unlimited). Joshua has spent the majority of his career working on complex architectural projects, with tight timeframes. He developed a passion for development and construction at an early age, and he is dedicated to ensuring project expectations are met, both on schedule and within budget. His astute attention to detail ensures exacting standards are delivered every time.

Why Verite?

Whether you are renovating, building your dream home, constructing business premises or developing a parcel of land, an independent project manager is an invaluable asset. On numerous occasions builders are associated with unwarranted variations and disputes, however generally construction related issues arise from a breakdown in communication or insufficient/conflicting documentation.

By employing a project manager every consultant and contractor are held accountable for his or her own work, ensuring thorough thought processes have been utilised, minimising the risk for potential issues. Of course there will always be questions, clarifications and changes along the way, but it is how these are managed that will dictate the success of a project.

At Verite Group our role is to ensure the clients interest's are always at the forefront, demanding the best value for money in the timeliest manner. Our focus is to lead, control, organise and manage. We do this by extracting large commercial project principles and implementing them into small-medium, more complex projects where attention to detail is paramount.

Turnkey Package

As the name suggests, this process allows you to focus your input to your design brief, discussion and the turn of the key. This approach is popular amongst professional clients and property developers whom are time poor and are unable to attend design meetings, or onsite discussions with a builder. All 5 stages of the project lifecycle are in the hands of Verite Group for your peace of mind.


Verite Group is engaged early in the project lifecycle, and forms the leader of the design team to ensure your brief is met within the allocated budget. 'Constructability' and 'Feasibility' are focused on, a process usually lost throughout the traditional architect engaged approach.


Once the conceptual design has been completed, the project moves into a developmental phase where further consultants are engaged and documentation and permits are obtained. This is the most crucial stage for any project and is where Verite Group can help create the most cost effective solution. Cost control, job programming, profitability and the innovative use of materials are all key focuses.


The project is then tendered amongst suitable contractors, and the successful bidder is invited to join the project team. A clear project specific contract is drawn up ensuring all design specifications are achieved.


Once construction begins our focus shifts to quality control. Verite Group will attend regular site visits to ensure your project is constructed to the highest of standards. At this stage we will manage and assess the contractors claims, requests for information, variations, extensions of time, provisional and prime cost items all whilst monitoring the project's progress and master schedule.


Handover for any project is usually the most stressful stage of a project for the client. Verite Group strives to ensure this process is the most efficient and pain-free by managing all defects, providing advice on the connection of services, managing the installation of specialist equipment and by creating handover documentation that is clear and concise for your peace of mind.

Other Services


Assistance to developers/property investors

Property is one of the most common forms of investment. Many investors do so as a secondary source of income and do not have the time to diligently manage development, maintenance, renovation or remedial works. This results in one of two scenarios; over-capitalisation with a reduction in profit, or under-capitalisation causing a reduced return on investment. We provide the required assistance and advice to maximise profit, by tailoring a management solution for your specific requirements.

Superintendent/Contract Implementation

We act on your behalf to administer the project. This includes reviewing contracts, documentation and project specifications, assessing the head contractors progress claims, managing requests for information, assessing prime cost and provisional sums and monitoring the overall project schedule. As an independent consultant we have the ability to utilise an unbiased approach, quickly settling and avoiding potential disputes between the design team and head contractor before they arise.

Specialist projects

We are especially valuable for projects where multiple consultants need to be engaged to bring together a project with complex systems. This can include multi-use sites, retail, laboratories, medical suites, or projects where a large amount of service infrastructure needs to be coordinated, and tight scheduling is imperative to ensure immediate operation.

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